Exercise 10 Obstacle/Projection

Exercise 10 Obstacle/Projection (5pts)

Write down a piece of paper the following and do them. Afterward, define the Obstacle and place an H, M or L to demonstrate the degree of energy in which you had to “Project yourself.”

H = High – It took a lot of energy. M = Medium – It took some energy.

L = Low – It took little energy to complete the task.

1. Exchange an exterior article of clothing or object with a partner and wear it until the end of the exercise.

2. Untie partner’s shoes.

3. Find 7 different colors in the room. (Write them down.)

4. Balance a book or folder on partner’s head.

5. Find something that best resonates your voice. (Write it down.)

6. Roll three perfect rolls on the ground.

7. Without talking, try to make your partner laugh within 30 seconds.

8. Find an object and shape your body to become that object.

9. Walk up to someone you don’t know and tell them how much you love them.

10. Write down the name of an animal, become the animal, and greet four

people as that animal.

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