Exercise 11 - Study The Other

Acting with the “Other”

Acting with the other means the impact that characters have on each other during a performance. Be sure to feel comfortable with the “other” by studying them.

Note: “Pure Acting” is person-to-person communicating.)

Exercise 11 Study The Other (5pts)

-With the same partner as Exercise 10 and using the backside of Exercise 10’s paper, do the following:

- Stand facing your partner.

- Using thirty seconds for each activity below and write down your observations.

1. Study your partner’s eyebrows.

2. Study your partner’s eyes.

3. Study your partner’s hair.

4. Study your partner’s hands.

5. Study your partner’s mouth.

6. Write down what your partner was like as a 4 year old.

7. Write down what you think your partner will be like at 80 years old.

8. Make your partner laugh and note the physical changes.

9. Shake your partner’s hand and describe this experience.

10. Study your partner’s walk.

- Note: When you make your partner smile, or laugh, you are not merely doing something. You are doing something with someone else. This is called interaction.

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