Exercises 13 - 14 -Tactics

Exercise 13 Discovery by Tactics (10pts)

Pair with a partner & determine who is A & B.

Try to discover as much as you can about your partner by studying voice, expression, changes in breathing pattern, and speculating thoughts.

In selected pairs, copy and memorize the following lines for a performance. The students separately will memorize their parts and create their own character’s (mental and physical aspects). Give the students about 15 minutes to memorize their lines and to come up with a complete character. They are not to rehearse the scene together but rather perform it on stage so they can tactically discover their partner’s character.

When the scene is over, each student will explain to the class what they’ve discovered about their partner’s character to the class by answering the following questions.

1. Is the character male or female?

2. Is the character old or young?

3. What is the character’s occupation?

4. What is the character’s mood in the scene?

5. Are their any physical quirks?

6. In a nutshell, how would you describe this character?

The partner will then have the opportunity to inform their classmate if they were close with their discovery.

Exercise 13 lines

A. Will you have coffee?

B. No, I’ll have tea. (Pause) Will you have coffee?

A. No, I’ll have tea. (Pause) Will you have a dessert?

B. No, I’ll have a mint. (Pause) Will you have dessert?

A. No, I’ll have a mint. (Pause) Will you turn in early?

B. No, I’ll turn in late. (Pause) Will you turn in early?

A. No, I’ll turn in late. (Pause) Will you rise early?

B. I’m not telling.

A. Really?

B. I don’t see why it would be any of your business.

A. Interesting, very interesting.

B. I would agree.

A. Oh isn’t that wonderful.

B. Isn’t it though?

Exercise 14 Using Tactics (10pts)

Pair with a partner. Imagine that the nonsense word (tableclaw) means “Get out of here!” in some foreign language. Imagine that the word (Guppo) means “Come over here.” Copy down and rehearse the following situations with a partner. You will write and memorize a three-page script in which each actor uses the table claw and guppo situations.

Remember: Communicate with your partner with the use of body language, tone of voice, gestures, facial expression, threats of physical force, etc. Note: (No physical contact allowed!!!)

1. Order acting partner away by saying (Tableclaw) to him or her.

2. Urge your actor to come to you by saying (Guppo) to him or her.

3. Send your partner away with (Tableclaw) and then draw them back by saying (Guppo).

4. Bring your partner to you by saying (Guppo) and send them away by saying (Tableclaw).

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