Exercise 16 - Intensifiers

Intensifiers - obstacles that you will have to struggle against. The struggle against obstacles makes one perform at an intense level. I.E. speaking to a partially deaf person. Intensifiers make an actor work harder, while making your quest dramatically interesting.

Exercise 16 Improv w/ Intensifiers (10pts)

With a partner, copy the following dialogue and memorize.
When finished, I will give the scene, which character has the intensifier, what the intensifier is and the location.

Lines Intensifiers Location
A: Hi Sharpening Knife Woods
B: Hello. Sick stomach Home
A: How is everything? Needs restroom Coffee shop
B: Fine. I guess. Exhausted Bus
A: Do you know what time it is? Hearing problem Library
B: No. Not exactly. Poison Oak Lecture class
A: Don’t you have a watch? Twitch Interview
B: Not on me. Bad Day Tennis Match
A: Well? Sings Every Line Movie
B: Well what? Pit sniffer Lunch Line
A: What did you do last night? English 2nd Language Radio show
B: What do you mean? Depressed Disneyland
A: What did you do last night? Afraid of Everything Grocery Store
B: Nothing. Overly Dramatic Unemployment line
A: Nothing? WWF Champ Church
B: I said nothing. Constant Winker Subway
A: I’m sorry I asked. Whiner Dance Studio
B: That’s all right. Breathing Problems World’s Gym
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