Exercise 18-19 - Punishment & Haunted Tale

Second Quarter Notes

Tactics - Strategies of human communication.

Punishment & Reward

We use tactics in everyday life. I.E. - Yell when angry to make people listen or release frustration, smile to invite further conversation, look skeptical to shut keep someone from furthering conversation, etc. When you are using tactics with another person then it is called Interpersonal Tactics. Overall there are two major types of tactics.

1. Punishment - “Threaten tactics” It will make life miserable.

2. Reward - induce a positive experience. I.E. “Do this and you’ll be happier for it.”

Note: When an actor is playing tactics, they should never physically hurt or harm another actor. (Mentally or physical) Any scene involving force or uncomfortable closeness must be talked through and then rehearsed.

Exercise 18 Punishment & Reward Tactics (10pts)

1. Have students in pairs write a two-page scene that includes two punishment tactics and two reward tactics. On the top of the script, have them write down all the tactics used in the scene. Write/Rehearse/Perform

Exercise 19 Haunted Tale With Sound Effects (20pts)

(Note: This activity will take place towards the end of October)

In pre-selected pairs, students are to write a two page haunted tale with sound effects built into the script. Partner A will memorize and perform the first page of the story to the class while partner B does the sound effects back stage. When the first half of the story is completed, the partners will then switch positions to finish the second half of the story.

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