Exercise 2 - Intention/Goal


With every word or action/movement in a scene, there must be an intention/goal (a reason/purpose). For example, if one goes to answer the phone, it usually is to find out who’s on the other end of the line.

Exercise 2 Intention/Goal (Opts) In selected pairs, give the students the “Oh, Yes” dialogue. Tell the students they will need to create a scene and a situation. They must memorize the lines and include the following:

1. The characters and their relationship.

2. Location.

3. What is going on in the scene?

Note: Even though the students throughout the class are using the same dialogue, they will notice that the intention for each scene is different.

Exercise 2 Lines “Oh, Yes”

(Use part C if there isn’t an even amount of students)

A: Oh.

B: Yes. C. Come on.

A: Why are you doing this?

B: It’s the best thing. C. I’m sensing trouble.

A: You can’t mean it?

B: No, I’m serious. C. We better call 911.

A: Please.

B: What? C. Don’t make the situation worse.

A: Listen.

B: No. C. It’s over.

A: So different.

B: Not really. C. Speak for yourself buddy.

A: Go on.

B: I will. C. There goes the neighborhood.

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