Exercises 22-24 - Vote


The foundation of an actor’s approach has been set in beginning lessons. There’s a lot to keep in mind at one time. The Vote is an easy to remember acronym that brings together four basic principles. Vote represents a basic method for approaching an acting assignment.

These letters stand for:

V: Victory

O: Obstacles & Other - persons w/whom /for whom, or from whom you seek your

T: Tactics - strategies of human communication. (Give guts to scene)

E: Expectation

When putting together the VOTE, you will need to ask the following of a scene.

1. What is my victory?

2. What is my obstacle?

3. How will the other(s) affect my gaining it? A.) How can they help?

B.) How can they hurt?

4. How must I affect the others?

5. What are my best tactics?

6. Why do I expect to get my victory?

Exercise 22 Vote Scene (15pts total)

(5pts ) vote (5pts ) scene. (5pts) script.

Have the students pair up and create a two-page script. When scripts are finished, exchange these scripts with other pairs. The pairs will then write up a vote and perform the scene that was exchanged.

Get out the Vote

There are two ways for an actor to get out the vote:

1. Study the script

2. Use your imagination - imagination flushes out the desires of the character.

Exercise 23 VOTE Film (10pts)

Pass out the typed up vote sheet and have students answer questions about a character they are familiar with in terms of a film, or play.

Exercise 24 Thanksgiving Performance (30pts)

In pre-selected groups of 4-5 students, have them write an 8-page script that demonstrates good will. At the end of the script, students are to write lyrics to a song they create. The performance and song will be performed within 5-6 days.

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