Exercise 3 - Transformation

The Actors Approach

According to Robert Cohen, acting is a process of transforming.

An actor goes from a Person to an Actor – and from an Actor to a Character.

(This is a gradual approach)

Four steps in transformation:

1. Exploring - search out every angle of the character with the physical aspects.

2. Feeling - search out all feelings of the character.

3. Trying - rehearse and attempt to be the character.

4. Doing - actually perform the character in front of an audience.

Exercise 3 Transformation (5 pts)

In pairs, have the students work on the first two steps of transformation for five minutes. They will need to create their own characters. When this task has been completed, have them create a situation that both characters will come across at the same time after the one-minute time period of entering the stage. (One minute will give the actors ample time to demonstrate the first two steps of transformation.) Some examples of a situation after the one minute time period would be: an automobile accident/ a diamond ring rolling on the ground in front of them/ they look up into the sky and see a giant object approaching the earth’s surface/ a dog comes by and starts biting one of the character’s leg, etc.

With their partner, have the students rehearse the scene for five minutes.

Now have the student perform the scene in front of the class.

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