Exercises 4-6 - Victory & Obstacle

Victory & Obstacle

- These are the fundamental principles in acting.

- An actor must always play toward a Victory/Goal/Objective.

- An actor must always play against an Obstacle.

Victory - intention, what the character wants.

Obstacle - Whatever gets in the characters way of achieving victory.

Note: The job of the actor is to find victories and obstacles in roles. Sometimes this involves research & imagination. Sometimes they must create them. In all, clearly defined victories and obstacles help to clarify scenes.

Exercise 4 Victory & Obstacle (O pts) Put five to six students on stage and have them perform this exercise:

1. (Stand on right foot while reaching with left hand. Hold this position for thirty seconds.) Note: By itself, the “reaching” is not acting but simply a physical action.)

2. Reach for Victory - (Now do the same exercise but reach for something desirable above your head i.e. money, diamonds, pizza.

3. Overcome the obstacle - (Have students figure a way to reach high enough to overcome their obstacle and obtain their victory.

Exercise 5 Victory & Obstacle “One, Two, Three” (5pts)

In pairs and with the following dialogue, have the students create a scene that demonstrates they have clearly defined their victories and obstacles. Give them ten minutes to rehearse this activity.

Note: Be sure they can answer who they are, where they are and what is going on in the scene. If there is an odd number in the class, add number so they go up to fifteen.

A: One

B: Two

A: Three

B: Four

A: Five

B: Six

A: Seven

B: Eight

A: Nine

B: Ten

Exercise 6 Victory & Obstacle Scene (10 pts) Victory and Obstacle in pairs. Have students write down one page of dialogue in which they play towards a victory and against an obstacle. The paper must include:

- Setting

- Write down the specific Victory and Obstacle.
(The scene must be memorized.)

Note: Give the students fifteen minutes to complete this activity.

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