Exercise 8 - Doing

Exercise 8 Doing (10 pts) In pairs, have students copy down the “Hi, Hello” dialogue. They must do the following:

1. Chose setting.

2. Memorize lines.

3. Have a particular activity for each in which they are physically “Doing”


Exercise 8 Lines: “Hi, Hello”

(The C lines will be included if there isn’t an even amount of students)

A: Hi.

B: Hello. C: Oh my.

A: How’s everything?
B: Fine. I guess. C: You’re telling me.

A: What did you do last night?
B: What do you mean? C: I bet I know.

A: What did you do last night?
B: Nothing. C: Yeah, right.

A: Nothing?
B:I said nothing. C: Just try to cover it up.

A: Sorry I asked.
B: That’s ok. C: Someone’s in trouble.

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