Exercise 9 - Projection & Resonating

Projection & Resonating

Self-consciousness is focus on the self. Projection is the focus on others.

Projection is defined in two ways:

1. It is the focus on others, outside world, and efforts to project concerns outside one’s self.

2. It is also the ability to project your voice, to be heard by others.

Exercise 9 Resonating (0 pts)

(The instructor might need a whistle for this activity.)

Have students do the following:

1. Have all the students face the wall and say “Ahhh” for thirty seconds.

2. Reply to class: Recognize that sound is simply the vibration of molecules.

3. Have students repeat above: Face wall and say “Ahhhh” and feel the vibration in the throat for thirty seconds.

4. Reply to class: Recognize that sound resonates and it can cause sympathetic vibrations in other objects. i.e. Plants, animals or people.

Reply to class: This exercise takes you from self-consciousness to projection. First you are simply making a sound. You made the second sound with purpose. For the third sound you had purpose that extends beyond self. Note that you were seeking a victory and struggling against an obstacle; which was the wall.

In step three you probably dropped your jaw, opened your throat and straightened your posture like a voice coach would instruct his/her students without knowing it.

Exercise 9 Resonating Continued (O pts)

1. Pair with a partner & space yourself away from others.

2. Taking turns say “Ahhhh” with the intention of vibrating your partner’s spine with the sound of your voice for thirty seconds.

3. Now repeat above but place fingers on partner’s spine and see if you can feel the vibrations for thirty seconds.

Reply to class: Now you were trying to project onto a person and sensing physical effects of that projection. Your consciousness is not self-directed but other directed.

Projection is not only sound but also gestures, ideas, feelings and commands. These are among intangibles that an actor must convey to other actors and audiences.

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