Relevant Films

Films about high school theater

Feature Films

  • Hamlet2 (2008)
  • High School Musical 3 (2008)
  • High School Musical 2 (2007)
  • High School Musical 1 (2006)


  • Hobart Shakespeareans (2006) - THE HOBART SHAKESPEAREANS is a delightful profile of one phenomenal teacher and his eager students who together touchingly demonstrate the power of education.
  • OT: Our Town (2002) - Dominguez High, in the infamous Compton, CA, has not produced a play in over twenty years. With no money and no stage, two teachers and twenty-four students attempt to produce Thornton Wilder's American Classic OUR TOWN.

Films about acting


  • Casting About (2007) - A lyrical documentary that explores the experience of casting for a dramatic film, weaving together footage from auditions with 350 actresses in Berlin, Boston, Chicago, London, and Los Angeles
  • Michael Caine: Acting in Film (1987) - As part of the ACTOR'S TAKE ON MOVIE MAKING series, this program offers advice to aspiring actors from acclaimed performer Michael Caine (THE CIDER HOUSE RULES, SECONDHAND LIONS). Caine draws upon his extensive experience in this competitive business in order to provide valuable insights on topics including: the politics and bureaucracy of film and theatre productions, character development, voice, sound, movement, working with the director, and script preparation.
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