Theater Terms

Stage directions

Up Stage Right Up Stage Center Up Stage Left
Center Stage Right Center Stage Center Stage Left
Down Stage Right Down Stage Center Down Stage Left

Four types of theater space
1. Proscenium - “Picture frame type of theater”
2. Thrust - Three sides (sort of like a catwalk)
3. Arena - Circular
4. Created Found Space. (Any space that is out of the ordinary, i.e. parking lot, stairs, campground, shopping mall, etc.)

Technical elements of staging
Green Room - Room where actors get ready.
Stage drapes - Curtains used to mask things behind the scene.
Glow tape - Particular strike tape that glows in the dark. Often used to mark stairs and narrow passages, so actors can travel safely on stage.
Strike tape - Tape used to mark the location of furniture and props on stage.

Basic Terms for Directing
Blocking - Planning all the action/movement on stage that accompanies the dialogue.
We still need to finish the blocking for Scene 3.
Off-book - Having all of one's lines memorized. Are you off book yet?
"Line" - The phrase actors can call during rehearsal when they are attempting to get off book. The stage manager is usually in charge of giving them their next line. "I think there for I… I think therefore… 'Line!'
Run - The number of performances. It's a long run, we're doing almost four shows.
Strike - Breaking down set pieces and returning props to storage once a production is finished. Are you available to help strike after the show?
Notes - Feedback the director gives to the cast following tech and dress rehearsals, and sometimes the performances themselves. Everybody take a bathroom break, and then come back for notes.

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