Production Timeline

Getting Started

12 Months:
-Create production team (producer, stage manager musical director)
-Contact rental company.
-Estimate of price.
-Hire a director; negotiate price.
-Meet with school admin.
-Obtain performance venue.

Choosing A Play

6 Months:
-Hold a production meeting. Choose the show.
-Contact rental company, obtain rights.
-Reserve performance venue.

Involving Students

5 Months:
-Announce auditions.

4 and a Half Months:
-Hold auditions/call-backs.
-Choose main characters.
-Post cast list.
-Advertise within school for backstage crew (building sets, paining scenery, assembling props).

4 Months:
-Read through script with entire cast.
-Props crew: Begin constructing sets.
-Begin rehearsals.

Meeting Technical and Logistical Needs

3 Months:
-Form the following committees: Costume/Make up, Publicity/Ticket sales, Lighting/Sound.

Garnering School Support

8 Weeks:
-Begin advertising campaign.
-Cast should now have costumes.

7 Weeks:
-Optional production meeting (communication between production team and all committees)

4 Weeks:
-Plan final week of rehearsals, secure access to stage during those times.
-Acquire necessary permission to excuse students from class for any schedule conflicts.
-Invite area schools to preview show.

2 Weeks:
-Rehearsals with cast.
-Run-thru of show with onstage cast.

The Final Week

1 Week:
-Props and scenery complete and ready for use.
-Run of scene changes with stage crew.
-Complete run of show.

5 Days:
-Cue-to-cue: work out lighting cues.

4 Days:
-Technical run of show with sound, all props, light cues, scene changes.

3 Days:
-Complete run of show. Give notes after run.

2 Days (or day before show):

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